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December 06, 2022 - December 08, 2022
United States
Planet MicroCap Showcase: VIRTUAL
AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd.  NASDAQ: AGRI https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47214
Aurora Spine Corporation + Q&A with Paul Andreola (Smallcap Discoveries) TSX-V: ASG: OTCQB: ASAPF https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47195
AYRO, Inc. NASDAQ: AYRO https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47200
BioSyent Inc. TSX-V: RX https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47225
Boardwalktech Software Corp. TSX-V: BWLK: OTCQB: BWLKF https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47213
Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc. + Q&A with Paul Andreola (Smallcap Discoveries) TSX: CPH https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47223
Covalon Technologies Ltd.  TSX-V: COV: OTCQX: CVALF https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47186
Crexendo, Inc. NASDAQ: CXDO https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47209
DATA Communications Management Corp. + Q&A with Paul Andreola (Smallcap Discoveries) TSX: DCM: OTCQX: DCMDF https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47192
DIVERGENT Energy Services Corp. + Q&A with Paul Andreola (Smallcap Discoveries TSX-V: DVG https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47198
Duos Technologies Group, Inc.  NASDAQ: DUOT https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47196
Emyria Limited ASX: EMD https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47234
Galaxy Next Generation, Inc. OTCQB: GAXY https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47220
Geodrill Limited + Q&A with Paul Andreola (Smallcap Discoveries) TSX: GEO: OTCQX: GEODF https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47189
Graycliff Exploration Limited  CSE: GRAY https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47199
HealthWarehouse.com, Inc.  OTCQB: HEWA https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47233
Hemosure Inc.  Private Company https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47277
IMINT Image Intelligence AB https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47183
Issuer Direct Corporation  NYSE American: ISDR https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47219
Legend Power Systems Inc.  TSX-V: LPS: OTCQB: LPSIF https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47185
Limbach Holdings, Inc.  NASDAQ: LMB https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47194
LiveWorld, Inc.  OTC Markets: LVWD https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47217
LIXTE Biotechnology Holdings, Inc. NASDAQ: LIXT https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47232
Locafy Limited NASDAQ: LCFY https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47221
Mace Security International  OTCQX: MACE https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47205
MediaValet Inc. TSX: MVP https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47229
Nemaura Medical, Inc. NASDAQ: NMRD https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47190
Nova Leap Health Corp.  TSX-V: NLH https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47207
Ocuphire Pharma, Inc.  NASDAQ: OCUP https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47206
OneSoft Solutions Inc. TSX-V: OSS: OTCQB: OSSIF https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47224
Onfolio Holdings Inc.  NASDAQ: ONFO https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47203
Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc NASDAQ: ORMP: TASE: ORMP https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47218
PhosCo Ltd.  ASX: PHO https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47222
Pressure BioSciences, Inc.  OTCQB: PBIO https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47184
ProPhase Labs, Inc. NASDAQ: PRPH https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47230
QuoteMedia, Inc. OTCQB: QMCI https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47212
Tantalus Systems TSX: GRID https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47204
The Crypto Company OTC: CRCW https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47215
The Planting Hope Company Inc.  TSX-V: MYLK: OTCQB: MYLKF https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47201
The Singing Machine Company, Inc.  NASDAQ: MICS https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47191
Thunderbird Entertainment Group Inc. TSX-V: TBRD: OTCQX: THBRF https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47208
TOP Financial Group Limited  NASDAQ: TOP https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47231
UGE International Ltd. TSX-V: UGE: OTCQB: UGEIF https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47188
Urbanimmersive Inc. TSX-V: UI: OTCQB: UBMRF https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47216
Virios Therapeutics, Inc.  NASDAQ: VIRI https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47197
VolitionRx Limited  NYSE American: VNRX https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47210
VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp.  CSE: VSBY https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47193
Wishpond Technologies Ltd.  TSX-V: WISH: OTCQX: WPNDF https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47211
Zoned Properties, Inc.  OTCQB: ZDPY https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/2937/47202


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